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Topic: Wartime Evacuation of children.
Suggestions for post-visit activities

Drama and role play:
Choose a favourite character and mime their activities (this could be a guessing-game activity).
Groups of four or five put together a set of cameos showing departure, the journey, the arrival. These can be improvised or scripted.
"Imagination I-Spy" - on the journey: different categories, e.g. animals, buildings, items of railway scenery, etc.

Written work:
Write a diary of the day of your evacuation.
Write a postcard or letter home describing where you are and your feelings.

Art and design:
Create an imaginary railway as a plan, or as an illustration, or in 3D form, to include station names and railway objects.
Design a carriage print warning notice, either for times of evacuation or for the present day (consider linking with railway safety?).


The Museum of Rail Travel is very pleased to receive examples of children's work and will display them with pride. Please e-mail to or send to our postal address of: Vintage Carriages Trust, The Railway Station, Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD22 8NJ.



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