Moving railway carriages by road

Moving railway carriages by road need not be a daunting prospect.  This page will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Before contacting a road haulier, make sure that you know the length and weight of the carriage.   

It's worth building a couple of days contingency into your planning, to allow for traffic delays, floods, snow, etc. 

Remember also that sometimes a police escort may be needed if the carriage is to travel on relatively narrow roads.  

It normally takes about 1 to 2 hours to load a carriage onto a road trailer, and a similar length of time at the destination to unload the carriage.    If more than one carriage is to be transported, it is worth asking the haulage company if they will be using the same tractor unit and trailer or a different one.    It is also worth asking if the road haulier proposes to sub-contract the job to another company.      

Once the carriage arrives at the destination railway, it may need moving from the unloading point to the station where the filming will take place.   Will the destination railway need any time to move the carriage?  If the destination railway has a turntable, will the carriage need turning?  

Is there a possibility of the filming over-running?  If so, bear this in mind when booking the road trailer for the return journey.  Also, check with the destination railway as to how long they will need to move the carriage from the station where filming is taking place back to the loading / unloading point.

The following road hauliers have experience of moving railway carriages by road:

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided solely as an aid to contacting road haulage companies. Vintage Carriages Trust will not accept any liability arising from the failure of any road haulier to fulfill a contract. 

Allely's Heavy Haulage Ltd , The Slough, Studley, Warwickshire B80  7EN   Tel 01527  853933 or  857621    Fax  01527  857623

G C S Johnson (Skeeby) Ltd, Barton Park, Barton, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10  6NF.   Tel 01325  377691 or 377692 Fax 01325  377318

Reid Freight Services Ltd , Unit 10 Cinderhill Industrial Estate, Weston Coyney Road, Longton, Stoke-On-Tent, Staffordshire ST3 5LB  Tel 01782 599581   Fax 01782  593323



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