VCT Filming: Timeshift: Between The Lines

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Presented by author Andrew Martin, whose books include Death on a Branch Line; The Lost Luggage Porter; Murder at Deviation Junction and The Necropolis Railway.

Sequences filmed inside the Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow featuring Metropolitan Railway first class carriage no 509, Great Northern Railway no. 2856 and Southern Railway no. 3554

The programme also includes footage from the 1968 BBC TV production of Dombey and Son, with locomotive Sir Berkeley at Oakworth station, and the 1968 BBC TV and 1970 EMI versions of The Railway Children.

Producer: Sebastian Barfield

2nd Director: George Chan

Assistant Producer / Sound: Andy Hall

Camera: Pete Hayns

Series Producer: John Das

Production Executive: John Bryans

Production Manager: Deborah Read

Production Co-ordinators: George Harwood, Caroline Cox

BBC TV Bristol

Filming date: 25 June 2008

Transmission date 09 October 2008


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